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Can I make money online blogging?

Yes, you can indeed make money from you blogs, in fact many of those who are making money online turn to blogging. Blogging is one of the “easiest” ways to make money online if you know what you’re doing. To start up a blog you do not need to be a rocket scientist, though there might be some things you will have to think of before trying to make money online from blogging. This post will discuss some of them.

Money comes from passion

When starting a blog you will have to know what your blog is going to be about. At this stage many people out there make a mistake. They try to start a blog about something that they are not passionate about. They do this because they think that having a blog about acne will for sure make them a lot of money since it’s a very popular subject. WRONG! Blogging about something you are not interested in just to make money will get you bored and tired of blogging. And if that’s not all of it, you will also most likely not get recurring visitors to your blog since the things you write will lack passion. And who wants to read articles that are not written with passion to the subject, it’s like reading the back of a microwave manual.

There are many ways to determine what you should blog about if you can’t really pick one subject. One way would be to sit down for half an hour or something with a pen and paper, listing everything you like. You then write why you like it. When you have done this, take a break for a while and come back to that paper again and ask yourself which of those different things that you want to know more about. The reason for doing this is because in order to make money online form blogging you will need to post many different posts and come up with original ideas for new posts. And if you do not have any interest in learning more about the subject you’re blogging about, then you’re going to reach a point when you run out of ideas for posts and then you will get bored, which in turn kills the blog.

When you have selected your niche to blog about then you want to set up a goal with your blog. What do you want to achieve with your blog? Again, if you’re only doing it for the money you might as well stop right now. A good goal could be to get a good reputation online and become sort of an expert in the area you’re blogging about. Let’s say you’re blogging about how to make money online. If you post inspirational and original posts then people will start to trust you and recommend your blog to other people who are interested in making money online. You will then have the power to affect peoples’ lives! And in the Internet marketing business power means money. The more people trust you the better you will earn. Just imagine trying to sell a product to people who have never heard of you online, that is really hard to do. Though if they constantly reads your blog posts and trusts you, then they might not even hesitate in buying your products.

Blog niche competition check

So when you have spent some time thinking about what really makes you happy, then you are ready to move on to the next step. Now you will have to check the competition for your blog’s niche. Let’s say you want to blog about how to make money online, like I do. The first thing you will have to do now is to visit Google and search for your keyword, in my case “make money online”. I then see the top websites ranking for that specific keyword. There are many ways of determining if your keyword is going to be hard to rank for, here are some of them:

1. Check the PageRank of the top 10 websites, if it’s above 3 you might be up for a challenge.

2. Check the domain age. Old domains are harder to out-rank in the search results because the search engines trust them more than your new blog. Though after 6 months you should not see this as a problem anymore, because that’s the time it takes for Google to make your site equally worth.

3. How high keyword density does the websites posts and layout have? If the website is repeatedly mentioning your keyword “make money online” or similar, then you know that they are targeting the same keyword as you are. And they might fight for it.

4. Is their domain name containing your keyword? For example, this website is containing the keyword “make money online” in its domain name. If they do, they are often dedicated to that niche and will have a lot of targeted content for that keyword. Also, Google tends to give people with their keyword in the domain a little bonus in the search ranking.

5. How many backlinks do they have? If they have more backlinks than you are willing to create, then you might be up for a challenge as well. If they have over 10´000 it will most likely be hard for you, if they have over 2 million, it might even be impossible for you if you’re working alone.

Now you might ask, just how am I going to check all of this? Well, lucky you because I know a website that could help you determine the competition you’re up for. It’s called “micro-niche-find”, simply Google it and you will find it. Then just enter your keyword and it will locate and extract all the information you need about the top ten competitors to your website.

Hopefully you know what you want to blog about and this will not be a problem at all for you. With that said I would like to end this post and hope you come back some other time for more posts about blogging and similar things you can do to make money online. Since blogging is such a big subject we have only scratched the surface in this post. So believe me when I say that this will not be the last post about blogging here.

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