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How to launch affiliate products

Everything starts with an original idea
Have you ever heard the quote “money never starts an idea, it’s always the idea that starts the money” by Owen Laughlin? Well that quote fits pretty well on the internet and especially if you’re trying to make money. The idea needs to be creative, original, or work as an extension to something that has already been done. Whatever you choose it needs to get attention by its own, (self-promoting) and it also needs to be in-demand. But let’s say that you have already come up with an idea like this and you’re ready to promote it, now how can you do this the best way?

Create hype
Hype it up like there was no tomorrow, but remember that you have to deliver what you have promised and a little more if you don’t want people requesting their money back. Creating hype is something that must be done right, or else you should leave it alone. Below are some ways you can use to create hype around your product.

Setting up a countdown timer – Having a website with a countdown timer until your product will be launched is a very powerful way of creating hype around it. If you then add a good video showing glimpses of what is achievable with your product and what it’s used for then people will be even more excited. If you’re even smarter you will add an email subscription box so that everyone that subscribes you your email list will get a discount on the product once it launches. This will make sure that both your email list and your bank account get filled.
Sharing on forums – As you might know by now forums are a very well used way of sharing information with similar minded people. If you sign up and share some information about your new product (in a non spam way) then you will get a lot of people talking about it. Just remember to not say that you are the creator of the product because if you do you might get banned for trying to advertise it. After all, you’re not there to sell the product; you’re just there to get people to talk about it.
Guest blogging is great – Some blogs allow you to post articles for them in exchange for a link back to your own website. This can be one of the most powerful ways of successfully launching a product. Let’s say I want to launch a product about making money online, now some great blogs for me to promote it on would be John Chow’s and Carl Ocab’s blogs which are very well known in the “make money online” community. These blogs receive thousands of visitors each day and if you write a good blog post explaining why your product is so good and how it can help them solve their problems etc then you will most likely get a lot of extra sales, for free!

How to get even more sales?
So you have created some hype around your product, now how can you get the most out of it when you have released it? Well, the best way of earning money from your product for a long time would be if you signed up with a website such as ClickBank or Click2Sell and got some affiliates on your team to promote your product.

To get affiliates you can use the previous ways listed above, but you can also search for networks online where people gives heads up on new products to affiliate marketers. If you manage to convince people that your product is worth promoting then you can expect to earn a lot more money from it. When affiliates promote your products you give them a certain amount of your profit from each sale, this is often between 30% to 75%.

But before you even try to recruit affiliates to promote you product you should set up an affiliate page. This is a page on your website that is specifically designed to help affiliates promote your product. On this page you could have banners, pre-written articles and pre-written emails that your affiliates can use to spread the word about your product. It should also have information on what your product is about and why they should promote it and so on.

It’s a scam!
If you have ever searched for an Internet marketing product’s name I’m sure that you have seen a lot of websites saying it’s a scam and so on. This can be devastating for your product, so here’s how to counter-attack those websites. Simply be the first one to set up a website saying that your product is a scam and get it to rank well in the search engines by building backlinks to it and so on. But don’t actually say that you website Is a scam, say that you first thought it was a scam but then realized that it wasn’t. This will make sure that your product does not suffer from other people writing bad things about you.

Provide detailed proof
There is no point of trying to sell a product about making money online if you can’t prove that it’s actually working. So be sure to provide detailed videos, images, testimonials and so on so that everyone that is thinking of buying your product will trust you enough to actually open their wallet and pay for it. You can also get a selected few to try your product before you launch it. By doing this you can get some feedback on it so that you can do some final editing on it before releasing it.

You’ll need a lot of backlinks
One thing that a lot of people fails with is creating enough backlinks to rank on top of the search engines for their own keywords. If your affiliate’s websites ranks higher than your own website then you will lose money. Since each affiliate gets a cut of the money from every sale you will have to make sure that you rank above them in the search engines. So before telling anyone about your product be sure to have a website that is fully indexed and has at least 100 or more backlinks to it. Getting these backlinks can be done by doing various things such as:

Article blasting – Writing an article and sending it to hundreds of article directories. If you learn how to spin articles then this will be even more effective. If you have an automatic software for this it will save you a lot of time, but you could also hire someone to do it for you.
Social marketing – Getting backlinks from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and so on is also a great way of ranking well in search engines. It is also a great way of promoting your product if you have a lof ot follower or friends at these networks.
Forum signatures – If you have an account at a forum where you have done a lot of posts it might be wise to add a signature with a link to your website. If you have done 800 posts at that forum you will be able to get a lot of links pointing to your website instantly.
Blog commenting – Browse around the web and leave good comments on websites and blogs related to your products niche.

Give a helping hand

Everyone that buys your product will want to know that it is actually working and that they will be able to use it right. So be sure to have a part of your websites where they can read how-to guides, watch videos or contact you directly to get help with the product, you could even set up a private forum if you got enough users. If you enable them to get help then you will most likely not get as many people requesting their money back after purchasing your product. Giving a helping hand also shows that you care for their success with your product and that you are serious and trustworthy.

These are just some of the things you should think about when launching a new affiliate product. Of course I didn’t include all the in-depth details about product launches, but I’m sure that I will bring it up later on in another article. Be sure to always do research of your competition and target audience before launching any product at all. If the competition is very hard, then your product idea is probably not original enough to cash in the big money.

If you have any questions or want o add something to the conversation then feel free to do so! It would be great if anyone that have ever launched a product could share their experience and tell us what they thought was difficult and how they would have done it differently and so on!

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