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How to make money on FreePostia

Can I make money on FreePostia?
As I am writing this I can only assume that you have never heard of the website FreePostia.com before. Is a website allowing you to make money online simply by uploading pictures and sending people to watch them, kind of like shareapic.net, but with a twist. Instead of getting a set amount of money per each person who views you picture, you get to monetize them with your own AdSense code. If it sounds interesting then keep on reading.

How to join FreePostia?
Joining FreePostia is very simple, and of course it’s also free. Simply head over to FreePostia.com and click “register”. Then fill in some basic information, such as username password and email and then you’re done!

Money comes from Google AdSense
As I just said, the money you earn from FeePostia comes from monetizing your images with your AdSense ads. AdSense is a part of Google’s advertising network, connected with AdWords that is also run by Google. With AdSense you get a code to put on your websites or any revenue sharing websites. This code generates an ad that displays images, text or other animations. Whenever someone clicks on that ad you will make money.

Get an account at AdSense
Getting an account with AdSense can be a bit tricky if you’re just starting out, but there are plenty of ways. One of them is by setting up a website, adding some text content and making it look nice. Then just send it in for review and if it’s approved you will get an account. Follow this link if you want to know how to get approved by Google AdSense.

Insert your AdSense advertisements
To use your AdSense code with FreePostia you simply have to log in to your AdSense account and create a 300×250 ad. Then copy the numbers from your new AdSense ads slot Id (google_ad_slot=”xxxxxxxxxx”) and head over you FreePostia. Now paste those numbers where it says so in your account settings.  You also need to add your publisher Id, which can be found in the top right corner at your AdSense account (pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

Your ad is one of three on the page
Your ad will be displayed along with one other ad that belongs to the creators of FreePostia. But don’t worry, you will still get 100% revenue from your own ad when someone clicks it, and trust me, they will click it. For me it has worked best in having only image ads displaying. To only have image ads showing up you need to configure your ad in your AdSense account.

How much will I earn?
About $0.5 per click depending on who clicks your ads. Sometimes I have received more than a dollar per click and sometimes only a dime per click. You will most likely get about 1-5 clicks per 1000 people watching your pictures. Depending on how many people that you drive to your images a picture can get you everything between 1 dime and 50 dollars. To fully understand how much you can earn you will have to study how AdSense works. AdSense looks at many things such as visitors geo-location, visitors DART cookies, websites text content and similar things to determine which ads to show. I am not going to go in to detail about all these things here.

What should I post?
Funny pictures have shown to be the number one income source for me while using FreePostia. The reason for this is because everyone loves to get a good laugh. I’m also sure that inspiring and cool pictures also work great, as long as you keep it unique and worth watching. Don’t just upload some pictures of your sofa or similar, no one wants to watch that and it won’t be shared across the Internet. You will also have to be sure to have permission to post the images, although no one really cares since most images get re-uploaded all over the web anyways.

Promote via social media
The most effective way to promote your images is through social media websites. This is because those websites usually contains fresh content and most of them perform very well with funny pictures. Below are some social networks you can use.

StumbleUpOn – A great way to share content you have found on the internet. You don’t really need to have a lot of followers, if you share amazing pictures then they will be seen by thousands of people.
Digg – Also a great network to use with FreePostia. Although, with this network you will need quite a few followers to make it worthwhile.
Twitter & Facebook – Do I really need to explain these two networks for you? Just get a lot of followers/friends and you might earn some money by sharing links to your images. However, these are not as good as the first two alternatives in terms of making money.
There are a lot more social media networks out there and the more of them that you are active on the more you will earn by sharing your images.

Get featured on FreePostia
Getting featured on FreePostia will mean that you earn a lot more money. Every day thousands of people will be able to see your images in the “featured” part of the website. These images might get over one hundred thousand views which might earn you about $300!

Final words
As I’m writing this FreePostia is not really finished. They are still working on the website and I do not know when they will be fully done. But I do know that they have gotten quite nice stats with Alexa.com in a short time and they are still growing in the amount of users. This is only one of many ways to make money with pictures online and I will be posting about other ways as well later on. If you have any questions or if you would like to add any way that you could make money with FreePostia, then be sure to leave a comment.

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