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How to make money on YouTube

How can I make money on YouTube?
As of now there’s several ways to make money online on YouTube if you’re a content creator. This article will give you information about YouTube’s partnership programs and other ways to make money on YouTube. However, I have to warn you that it is not that easy to instantly make a lot of money on YouTube instantly, but you will have a much greater chance after reading this. YouTube is truly a great website and you should not ignore its powers, some people are earning over $300´000 per year on it. See you later at the end of this article!

Pick a good YouTube channel name.
So what’s the first thing you will need to do in order to make money from YouTube? Well obviously it would be to create a free account at their website. When creating an account you should not just pick a random username that no one will be able to remember. Make your username unique and easy to pronounce and remember. A bad example would be to name your account “23baxx4i5” or similar. A good username would be something that also reflects your future videos such as “AlexGamingTips”, assuming you’re a gamer. Put some though in to it and you will not regret it later on!

Video camera or computer recordings?
There are two ways of making videos on YouTube. One is by using a real video camera and recording things around you. This could be your everyday life (also known as Vlogging) or just fun things you and your friends come up with. These are some successful channels of people who make money on YouTube recording videos: “sxephil”, “RayWilliamJohnson”, “smosh” and “Fred”.

If you do not want to or if you do not own a camera to record videos, then you could focus on doing things on your computer. This could be anything from how-to videos teaching people how to use programs like Photoshop or similar. These videos are always popular since people find it easy to search for help videos on YouTube if they run in to a problem. Just remember to get good software for recording and to have a computer that does not lag. One last thing I have to say about this is that you should talk in your videos. People that tries to write what they are saying in notepad or people that does not communicate at all with their viewers in any way are doomed to fail and will never make my money with YouTube. Get a microphone!

Creating a good video (a viral hit).
So what does the YouTube community like to watch? Well almost anything, but most people come to YouTube to relax and watch funny, interesting or cute videos. The hottest videos often contain something of the following: puppies, kittens, fast cars, hot girls (not porn), music (not stolen) and a lot of humor. If you happen to have any of these lying around at your home then they might be the next video to go viral online. But don’t forget to edit the video before you upload it! This can be done with simple programs such as Windows Movie Maker or more advanced ones. Shorten the clips down to the most interesting parts and maybe use some effects to make them more interesting, however don’t overdo the effects.

You should at all costs try to avoid making videos containing the following.

Content that you did not create or do not have permission to use, such as movie trailers, music, other peoples videos etc. If you create music covers without permission from the original creator you cannot get a YouTube partnership either.
Videos that contains people who do not want to be in your video. However if you just happen to record some people in the background on a busy street it would be ok.
Content that is inappropriate for children should not be uploaded if you want to get a partnership with YouTube, but I assume you already knew that.
Write catchy and simple to remember titles.
When you are done with your video you should think of a good title that fits it. The title should be self-explanatory and easy to remember and pronounce. Some good examples of viral hits on YouTube are “Charlie bit my finger”, “David after dentist” and “Sneezing panda”. After you have come up with a good title you should also give a detailed description where you explain a bit about the video and maybe give a link to your website if you have one.

Boost your video views.
Having a lot of views on your videos is crucial if you ever want to make money on YouTube. Without views there will be nothing to monetize. Some ways of getting views are by sharing your videos on social bookmarking/network websites such as StumbleUpOn, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, forums and similar high traffic places on the web. You can also download software called “Viewet” for free. Viewet is a YouTube view exchange software where you watch other peoples videos automatically and they watch yours in return, this can get you thousands of views every week without any effort. However, once you get a partnership you should not use this since it is considered cheating according to YouTube.

YouTube individual video partnership.
If you have successfully gotten a few thousand views within a week on a video that complies with YouTube’s terms you might get an email from them. The email should say something in the lines of “Apply for revenue sharing for your video (Video Title)”. This means that your video has been accepted in to YouTube’s AdSense program. If you accept the invitation you will start making money from that specific video. You will not make a lot of money from only one video, but it will take you one step closer to the YouTube partnership.

Apply for a full YouTube partnership.
Becoming a partner with YouTube will be the best way to make money on YouTube. But before even thinking of applying for a YouTube partnership you should look through their terms to see if all your videos comply with them. You should also upload videos regularly and all of your videos should get above on thousand views. Also, try to get a few hundred subscribers, this can be done by subscribing to a lot of other users and they will in turn subscribe to you.

To apply for a partnership you should go here: www.youtube.com/partners. When you have applied it may take about two weeks for them to process your application and get back to you. If your application fails you will have to wait another two months before you can send in another. While time I suggest that you improve your videos and try to share them everywhere to get more views.

If you get accepted you will be able to earn money through AdSense. The minimum payout with AdSense is $100. You will get to use overlay ads at the bottom of the video while it’s running, banner ads next to the video and ads that run before your video does. If you constantly upload videos and get more subscribers you will be creating a residual income from all of your videos and you will earn more and more every day.

Other alternatives to make money on YouTube.
You could join CPA networks with appealing offers, such as free iPads, iPhones and laptops. Preferably you should pick offers that pays on every email or zip submission. These ads will make you about $0.5 to $4 for every person that completes them. To get people to click them simply make a video about your product and why it’s so good, then include a link in your description to your offer and watch the money roll in.

You could also create videos for other people using the service of Fiverr.com. There you could get $4 for every video you create for someone else. These videos could be anything from you giving a review of something or a nice video intro created with software. The better and faster you are the more money you will get.

Well, that’s all folks! I hope you have learned something new about how to make money online using YouTube. If you have any questions or just wants to add something then please leave a comment. I will be responding to the as soon as I se them. Have a great day and never stop trying to make money online!

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