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How to make money with Artisteer

What is Artisteer?
Artisteer is a website design program where you can easily create customized WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and other CMS themes. It’s actually so simple that a 5 year old could use it and deliver quality websites. Most people use this software to create their own website templates, or to just generate ideas for website looks. But some people have used Artisteer for other things, to make money. With this article you will be able to get Artisteer and profit from it instantly afterwards.

Is Artisteer free?
No, unfortunately it’s not free. At the moment Artisteer costs about $50 for the smaller version and $130 for the full product with all the extra material and features. But don’t worry, you can download a free demo where you get to test both the basic and full product for free, however you will not be able to create ready-to-use templates with the demo since all images has a watermark on them. I strongly suggest that you download the free demo version at their website and then try it out for a week or so to learn how it works.

If you’re thinking that $50 or $130 is way too much to spend on something like this then you are dead wrong. I will teach you how to earn back that amount of money in your first days of using this program. It’s really easy to do this and the only thing you will need to know is the following:
Basic knowledge about the CMS you choose (WordPress, Blogger etc)
Basic color combination (What colors are used together on websites and which are hot right now)
Basic website structuring (How should a website be structured to be simple to use and good looking)

If you don’t really know anything about this then I strongly advise you to check out some popular websites on the net and see what colors they use and how they are structured. If you spend a week, or only a few days working in the demo before you purchase the paid versions then I’m sure you will get the hang of it.

People want backlinks.
So far, the best way to make money with Artisteer is to create a theme, add some spots in the footer of the theme for 3-4 links and then promote it on forums. You then let people bid on link spots on your theme (usually between $10-$40 per link) and when all the links has been sold you send your theme to the top websites distributing themes for the CMS you used. Maybe it sounds pretty hard, but I will go through it all in detail now.

Create a template.
The first thing you will have to do is to create a template for any of the CMS platforms that Artisteer lets you use. The best ones are WordPress and Blogger since most people use these, so try to focus on them. When you have gotten the hang of creating templates for these platforms you will have to learn how to upload them to a host. A template for a Blogger blog is easy to upload since you only need an account at blogspot.com to do so, which is also free. However, to upload and test a WordPress theme you will need to get a hosting account at a “real” website host. A great free alternative for this is to use 000webhost.com, but I strongly advise you to get a paid hosting account from Hostgator.com instead since this is both more secure and easier to use.
Information on exactly how to upload a template is available at Artisteer’s website. You should also be able to find information about this in the Artisteer software while using it, so don’t worry, it’s really simple.

Oh, and don’t forget to learn how to tweak the footer of the theme, because it is there you should add the 4 links. It’s very simple to do this; you just need to know how to create links with html code. The text and links in the footer should say something like this: “Designed by: Link1.    Sponsored by: Link2, Link3 and Link4”.

Find someone/somewhere to promote the theme.
When you have created the theme and uploaded it somewhere you will be done with the hardest part. Now you have to find either a person or a place to promote your theme. On DigitalPoint’s forum you can find people that will send out your theme with a download link to over a hundred different websites for only $10 or something like that. This is one of the best alternatives if you’re creating WordPress themes. If you’re creating Blogger themes then try to find popular places to submit your theme to, these websites can be found if you just search for “Blogger templates” on Google.

Look for website sponsors.
Now comes the fun part, making money with your templates. The best place that I have found for doing this is through DigitalPoint’s forum. They have a specific section where you can sell footer links in your themes. So, head over there, create and account and start a thread in the “Template sponsorship” section.
To get as many people as possible to be interested in your theme you should include a picture of it and a link to a demo version so they can see how it looks and works for real. You should also state that the theme will be promote on either the top template directories or that it will be sent out to hundreds of websites using the help of another DigitalPoint member (or whoever is helping you). At the bottom you should state the price for each link. Some people even sell the “Designed by” link, for a slightly higher price than the rest of the links. Take a look around the forum to see how other people have done to sell their template links, you might get some more ideas.

Publishing your template.

When you have gotten people bidding on all your links you can close the auction. Now simply ask them to send the money to your PayPal account and after that you just publish your template to wherever you said you would publish it. If you created a great theme then it will get a lot of downloads, meaning a lot of backlinks for your link buyers. It also has a higher chance of getting accepted to the top template directories if it has a decent look. From each template you create you should be able to make anything between $40 – $250. Now remember, Artisteer can be bought for only $50 or $130 if you want the full version. After only 1-3 themes you should have generated enough money to cover the original cost. And the cool thing is that the more you sell, the easier it will get since people starts to trust you on the forum and you will get a higher reputation!
Themes for each season.
A great way to get a lot of people interested in your themes at first is to create some that is only made for a specific season of the year. For example you might create winter themes when Christmas is on the way. A lot of website admins wants to customize their website on the holidays to get a more personal look. If you create a great theme you could sell if to 1-5 people for $10 – $20 each.

Themes for AdSense earners.
One thing that will stay hot on the market for a long, long time is themes that are specifically created to bring in maximum profit to the website owner through AdSense and similar networks. If you know how to make money from AdSense and all the criteria’s a website should fulfill in order to make as much money as possible using that ad network then you could earn a great deal of money selling customized themes. Some themes has been downloaded hundreds of thousands times just because they promise better earning potential with AdSense.

WordPress themes PLR set.

Wordpress is a great CMS platform since so many people uses it nowadays. If you have created a bunch of themes then why not collect them, package them and give them away for free? People love free stuff and if you simply ask them to opt-in for your email list in order to get the themes then I’m sure you will get a pretty large email list! This list can in turn be used to send out email to them with special offers or affiliate links, hence you will be able to make even more money!

The Conclusion.
There are many ways to make money with Artisteer, and these are just some of them. Remember that the better you become at designing your themes and the higher status you get in the forums and other websites where you are selling your themes, the more money you will make. It’s a great idea to set up a specific website where you host all your themes, just to be able to let people take a look at your work. I wish you all the best and I hope you have learned a new way of making money online by reading this. Making money by designing is both fun and easy, you should try it!

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