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Make money online flipping websites

Making money online flipping websites.
Have you ever heard about people buying domain names and then selling them for more money than the original price? Well Website flipping is almost like that, but much more profitable if you do it right. There are plenty of people making money online flipping websites and this article will tell you how you can get started making money online with website flipping as well. If you got any questions about this article or just want to add something then feel free to leave a comment at the end of this article. Thanks!

Website flipping is a longer process than just flipping a domain name, but as I said earlier it is also more profitable if you do it right. To be able to successfully flip websites you will need to have or develop knowledge in search engine optimization, keyword researching, article writing and website design/layout. You should also have some knowledge about how the most profitable affiliate networks work, such as AdSense, eBay and ClickBank. A lot of people find is very rewarding flipping websites because everything you learn can be used in plenty of areas of the web when making money online.

The first step in making money with website flipping is to choose a good niche which does well online. These are often new product releases on eBay or other affiliate networks; it can also be high-paying keywords that work well with AdSense. Once you have found such a niche that is not too crowded with competition you can continue to step two.

Website flipping method 1.
You will now have to selects a domain name for your website. You will want to get a .com, .net or .org domain extension because these are considered TLD’s (Top Level Domains) which means they have easier to rank in search engines and are used all over the world. The domain name should preferably contain the keyword you’re aiming for. So if you got a website about a new technology product then you could name the website “BuyProductname.com” for example. Having a domain name with the keyword you’re after will give you a bit extra boost in the search engines. You should not focus on building the website. Simply write 10-15 articles about the product or keyword you’re after. Then start building backlinks to the website to get traffic to it. Remember, you want to land on the front page of Google for your specified keyword with this website or it will not be worth much at all. This requires a lot of patience and work if you’re just starting out with SEO.

The main idea is to build a website that has money making potential to the buyer. If you fail to do this the website will not be sellable. If you do not have the experience in selecting a domain name and writing articles then there are other ways of flipping websites, however they are a bit more risky.

Website flipping method 2.
The second alternative you can use to make money flipping websites is to buy a website that already contains articles and has a steady stream of visitors. To find a good website you will have to look at what keywords it is targeting and how much more you can develop it. Let’s say it rank on second page for a specific product. Now you have to find out how hard the competition for that keyword id in search engines and if you can beat your competition to rank on page one. Also if you can possibly get the website to rank for more than only one keyword. The website should also be easy to monetize in order to make money from it. Look for a website that will be getting traffic easily, and where you can pick up and continue marketing it.

As I said, this is a bit riskier because instead of just paying for a domain name and then building your website on a free host you will now have to purchase a whole website and this can cost several hundreds of dollars if you want one with good potential. However, you will save a lot of time since the website is already making money for you and by the time you are done with it you might already have earned back the money you spent on it.

After spending a few months working on the website (depending on how good you are) you should be making a few dollars per day from it. If you bought a website then you might be making about $30-50 per day, if you built it from scratch the numbers will most likely be lower. At this point you are ready to sell the website, hence flipping it. There are plenty of websites and forums that offer advanced and secure ways of flipping websites so that you can get serious buyers. Simply Google “sell websites” and you should be presented a bunch of websites where you can flip your website.

If you wonder how much your website is worth then this is a good way of telling:
1) How much money does your website generate in a 10 months period?
2) How much did it cost to get the website where it is today?
3) Is the website brandable? Meaning it will be able to grow really big one day.
4) What is your target audience? Does they have money to spend on your products or do they tend to click a lot on ads? Are they 10 years old or are they 40 years old? Does the website give them what they are searching for?
5) Does your domain name contain the keyword? Having the keyword in the domain name is good. Just don’t make the domain name too long.
6) Is it possible to make money from the website in more than one way? People hate putting all their money in one basket you know.
7) Where does it get its traffic from? The best source of traffic is from search engines, you should try getting at least 40% of your traffic from them.
8) Is it possible to make more money from the website than it is already earning? If so then how much more?
9) How many backlinks does it have and from where are they coming? High-authority backlinks can get the value of the website up enormously.
10) Does the website have a professional look? If you’re using WordPress like most people are when flipping websites you will have a great deal of themes to choose from. Be sure to pick a good looking one that fits your websites purpose.

When putting these things together you will get a hunch of what your website might be worth. After some time you will learn how to spot the real value of a website. When trying to make money online flipping websites it is crucial that you set up a “how-to” scheme in order to easily replicate your actions. Because flipping websites is all about the “rinse and repeat” game. If you got a working way of flipping websites then you will be able to flip several websites at a time and the more you do it the better you will become. In the end you might be able to flip several websites each month earning you thousands of dollars.

I hope you have learned something new today about website flipping and if you have anything you want to ask then feel free to leave a comment. If you are a website flipper then I would love to get some advice from you as well! Just remember that the more time you actually spend on developing your website flipping skills, the more money you will make. Nothing in this world comes easy and you will most likely fail on at least one of your projects, just don’t give up like most people do.

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