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Make money with CPA (Cost Per Action)

What is CPA and how can I make money with CPA? Well if you have ever been doing affiliate marketing or niche marketing, then I’m sure that you have come across the term CPA at least once. CPA is often referred to the “fast way” to make money online due to its simplicity. But do you know exactly what it is or how to make money from it? Well, don’t worry if you do not know, because I’m going to explain it for you if you keep on reading. CPA might be you big breakthrough online, who knows? I made my first $1000 with CPA networks just a month after enrolling!

What is CPA?
Let’s first start with the meaning of the term “CPA”. CPA stands for two different things, cost per action and cost per acquisition. Cost per action means that your website visitors, email readers or ad-clickers just have to do a specific action. It can be anything from entering a valid email address and name in a form or registering for a free website. These things are most often free (except for trial offers) to do and are also referred to “cost per lead” since you’re sending a potential customer to their service. Cost per acquisition on the other hand means that your visitors/readers actually buy something from your affiliate. This is almost like tradition affiliate marketing where you are the third party serving as an advertiser for someone else and get paid in turn for each purchase of their product or service. Cost per action pays less then cost per acquisitions do, but they are a lot easier to get and they have made CPA one of the easiest way of making money online as of today.

Registering for CPA networks.
Registering for a CPA network may seem easy, but it’s not as easy as you think. In fact, CPA networks tend to be very picky with who they recruit. This is because they hate people trying to cheat the system or lacks knowledge on how to use it. A normal process for registering for a CPA network would include the following:

Entering personal information, such as address, name, email and phone number.
Explaining how you plan to promote their CPA offers.
Describing your previous knowledge in online marketing and making money online.
Provide links to websites you own so they can see your previous work.
Talk on the phone with their affiliate managers why you should get approved by them.
Many people fail at the last one; convincing them on the phone. They will call you within 1-7 business days after registering if you did not provide enough detail asking how you plan to promote their offers, and what previous knowledge you have about CPA. It would be wise to study how CPA works before signing up for any CPA network, also you can find free guides on Google on what you can answer when they ask you specific questions. Trust me, if you get in you will not regret it, because you can make a lot of money with this, if done right.

How does CPA work?
If you’re accepted in to one of the many different CPA networks you will get some hundred different offers to promote, sometimes a thousand. As we said earlier, there are two types of offers, one that only requires a lead and another that requires a purchase. When selecting an offer to promote you will see that it has rules that you must follow. These rules for this specific offer can be for example: only Canadian and US visitors are paid for and they must not be promoted via email or social bookmarking. This means that you will only get paid when a Canadian or US person completes your CPA offer, and if you’re found promoting it wrong they can take the money back from you. Simple free cost per actions are pretty easy to get people to complete for you, it usually only requires the visitor to fill in his/hers zip code or email. The amount of money you get for these are most often between $1 to $10 per lead. If you’re doing cost per acquisition then you can expect between $10 to $50+ for each sale you generate.

How to promote CPA offers.
Promoting CPA offers is done the same way as you promote anything else on the Internet. If you have ever promoted affiliate products before you may know that most products uses an affiliate link that you use to send your visitors through to the product page. This affiliate link is unique to you and for every lead/sale that occurs from a visitor that came through your link will give you money. In most CPA offers you will also have the opportunity to use pre-written emails and pre-designed banners to put on your website. Some offers also gives you the opportunity to promote them with CPC-advertisers such as Google AdWords, however this is risky since it costs money. There is also something called incentive CPA offers. This is mostly not allowed, but some CPA networks allow it. Incentive CPA offers lets you offer rewards to people who completes your offer. For example you might get $2 for everyone that signs up for a website, then you give the person who signed up for the website 50% of your profit.

An example of a CPA offer.
I’m sure you have seen people promoting things such as “Free Amazon gift card worth $1000” or “Become an iPad tester”. These are some cost per action offers that usually gives the one promoting them about $1 to $4 per every lead they send. If someone just fills in their zip address or email they get paid. As said before these are the most common offers you will see since they convert the best. Free things will always attract people’s attention, and if you can send enough traffic to that ad you will get paid.

The CPA networks have practically revolutionized the way people make money online nowadays. Unlike the old affiliate programs you are able to profit within hours from CPA without even having a website, you might be promoting them on twitter or whatever you want! However, there is a downside to CPA as well, even if it’s not that easy to see at first. The downside is that CPA offers come and go, some might only last a month or two and others might last for years, it’s all up to the advertiser. So building a business is around only one CPA offer will not be a smart choice, however since you can easily just pick up another offer to start making money with it’s not that big of a deal.

If you’re looking for great CPA networks to join then may I suggest some of the best ones out there for you? These are: NeverBlue.com, PeerFly.com and MaxBounty.com. These are some of the top performing and most well paid CPA networks, however there are hundreds of more out there. So if you want to make money online fast promoting everything you can imagine, then CPA is for you. Just make sure you read everything you can and learn from others in the business. There are plenty of e-books, articles and forums about CPA out there so I’m sure that you will learn very fast. Have a great day and never stop trying to make money online and learning new things!

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