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What is AdSense?

What is AdSense? AdSense is an ad serving network that you can join. It’s run by Google Inc and it’s one of the most well known ways of earning money online with. It’s an advertising network that uses CPC and CPM meaning; cost-per-click and cost-per-mille which in turn means that you can either get paid a certain amount of money for each click on the ads you display on your website or from each thousand impressions you receive from your website visitors. If you get accepted by AdSense to enroll in their advertising network you will get to choose between many different ads to display on your website. You can choose to display text ads or image ads in about 15 different shapes and a great variety of colors; you can also make money from using Google’s search bar on your website or implementing ads in your Rss feeds.

Most people use AdSense for its simplicity and very often well targeted ads. AdSense uses a geo and content targeting system for its ads. This makes it very easy to display ads on your website that matches your content and language. For example, let’s say you have a website about making money online and you put some AdSense ads on it. AdSense will then only display ads on your website that matches your website content, in this case ads about how to make money online. If then someone from the USA comes to your site then Google will display ads in English. If someone from Sweden comes to it, they will most likely display Swedish ads in the “make money online” category if available. And all this is done without you having to do anything else than putting the ad-code on your website. This has shown to be very successful for smaller websites that does not have real customers buying ad-spots on their websites, AdSense is truly for everyone.
How it works.

When someone clicks on one of these ads that are located on your website you will earn a certain amount of money. Now you may ask “where does the money come from?” well it’s simple. Google is also running an advertising program called AdWords where people can pay Google to serve their ads on other websites. Everytime someone clicks your AdSense ad you will get a certain percentage (currently 68%) of the money someone paid for advertising that ad with AdWords.

AdSense is created to find the most used and highest paying keyword on your website and display ads related to that keyword. Meaning that if you write a post about how to make money online and you use the words “make money” a lot of times in your post, then AdSense will see that it is frequently used and search its database to display the most targeted ads. However some sites such as sites with jokes, pictures and videos tend to perform really bad with Google’s AdSense network since almost no one bids on those keywords at Adwords.

Detailed statistics about ads for members.

If you already think that AdSense seems to be a great way to make money online; then check this out. AdSense has one of the most detailed graphical stats about how much money you have made, when you made it and where you made it. This enables its members to see what ads are performing the best on which websites. By knowing this you can easily test different strategies such as coloring ads differently or placing them in different spots to see how you can make the most money with your website. Some people have ads generating over $200´000 per month on their websites, just imagine how much you can make by putting a simple code on a website.

AdSense has received criticism.
Yes, it’s true; no one is perfect, including Google’s AdSense. Many people have reported feeling left out, abandoned, or just treated wrong by AdSense. The most common problem is that AdSense holds its T.O.S (Terms Of Service) very close at all times. You may not have “forbidden” content on your website if you’re using AdSense. Forbidden content is adult content or stolen/duplicated content from other websites. You may also never attempt click-fraud meaning that you click on your own ads in order to make money. In some cases if you’re unlucky you might get a rival that comes to your website and repeatedly clicks on your ads, AdSense will see this and think that you’re sitting on another computer trying to fool their system to make money from it. They will then ban you. However, there are systems that can be implemented as an add-on on websites that detects when a potential rival or similar tries to ruin your AdSense earnings by click spamming your ads. This add-on simply denies ads to show for that person after x amount of clicks received so that he/she/it can’t click any more.

Since you need to have $100 before you can check out the money many people fail. They simply do not get enough traffic to their website in order to make that amount of money.  And when they do they might get accused of using AdSense wrong and then have their hard earned money taken back by AdSense without any way of reasoning or complaining. However if you do not break their T.O.S then you’re most likely not going to lose your money.

While AdSense is truly a great way to make money online it’s still far from the only way. It might not be the best way for everyone but overall it’s the best performing network as of January 2011. If you got anything to add to this article or if you just want to ask something; then feel free to do so.

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