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What is GPT (Get Paid To) sites?

What is “Get Paid To”?
GPT or “Get Paid To” websites differ from one another but generally speaking these sites pay you for performing certain tasks. These tasks vary according to what site it is that you work for. They include but are not limited to filling out surveys, reading e-mails, and watching advertisements. You can even get paid to go shopping for your normal everyday items and then reporting your feedback back to a market research company. If you’re interested, then keep on reading!

Paid to complete surveys:
You can be paid simply for your opinions in surveys and there are many of these types of websites getting around on the World Wide Web. The price per survey varies but it generally will take you quite a few to make payout. Sometimes you can also be paid a percentage of the survey payment from anyone you refer to the same website through your referral link.
The downside of earning an online income stream with surveys is that most of your annual income will come from these referrals which mean you will be spending a lot of time requiting people to the survey site. That being said there is a lot of stay at home mums and dads with no website design knowledge making quite large paychecks with some of these survey sites.

Here are a few of the more popular survey sites.

American Consumer Opinion
Baker St. Solutions
Brand Institute
FGI Research
Global Test Market
Harris Poll Online
Harvard Business School
Lightspeed Panel
Mindfield Online
NFO MySurvey
Opinion Outpost
Opinion Site
Post Master Direct
Resonance Research
Socratic Forum
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Survey Direct
Survey Savvy
Survey Spot
Test Spin
(http://www.glittergraphicsite.com takes no responsibility of the sites named above, you enter them at your own risk since we cannot keep track if some of them turns out to be scams or shuts down etc.)

Another form of GPT are Bux sites or PTC (Paid To Click) websites:
These pay you per click for clicking and viewing an advertisement for about 30 seconds.

BEWARE: A lot of PTC sites are owned overseas and are scams, I’ll explain:
With PTC sites you are generally paid 1-2 cents to view an add. If you refer someone to the same bux site you get 1-2 cents for their clicks as well. Though, on some sites this is only if you yourself click that day, to ensure everyone keeps clicking and viewing the ads. Advertisers pay to have their ads displayed and that revenue is split with the ad clicker. If you can’t refer anyone to these sites you can rent “un-referred” referrals that just found the site and registered. Renting these referrals can increase your risk as it costs you money and you don’t know if they will stay active and actually click any ads. A lot of people online believe that these rentals are in fact bots designed to act as clickers that ultimately only profits the site owner. I would suggest that you stay away from rented referrals and just try to get your direct referrals to the allowed limit first. Some of these sites charge their members for rentals and upgrades and then disappear when it comes to payout, Google “gagabux scam” for an idea of the scale of these scams.

The most trusted Bux and PTC sites on the net are as follows:

NeoBux – Neobux has paid out 30 million of dollars to its members since 2008, these guys have a great reputation and can be contacted through the forum easily. There are a lot of helpful administrators and highly reputable members that can show you the potential of this PTC site.

OnBux – Onbux is much the same as Neobux but a little newer, but are paying and have a good reputation around the net. Although denied by admin it is thought that the owner of Onbux could actually be none other than the Neobux admin.

Increase Bux – A much older site with less rental capacity but has a much more stable system for longevity and a lot of people make great money with increase.

There are countless more, and these are just the most high-authority sites that pay you for clicking advertisements. The secret with PTC sites is to join a lot of them. If they seem a little dodgy then do not invest, simply click your ads and try to get a referral or a few and keep clicking. Remember many streams make a river.

GPT read E-mails:
There are a few websites that will send you e-mails everyday and pay you for joining the offers or simply viewing the e-mail for around a minute. You also make money through a similar referral program to the PTC sites, being paid a percentage of the work your referrals complete.

Some of the more respected GPT read websites are:

Donkeymails – Lots of offers with payouts that range from $0.01 to $10.00 for reading and joining offers. Donkeymails offer referrals 5 levels deep so you can earn from your referrals, referrals and so on.

Hits4pay – Hits for pay sends you e-mails daily and you get paid for viewing the advertisement in these e-mails. Much the same as Donkeymails.

The next few sites are not as authoritative but their user base grows daily. And remember it can be easier to refer new people to sites less known as they are most likely members of the more famous sites already.

A new phase in GPT websites is Mystery shopping:
Getting paid to do your normal shopping or by doing a specific mystery shop for the company for which you are conducting this market research. With the advent of marketing there are a lot of companies willing to pay for this information. Mystery shopping sites can be found online and are usually geographically located, so what shows in my Google results (Australia) will not help people wanting to do market research elsewhere, therefore you should research the market research and “mystery shopping” jobs in your area/Country.

In Conclusion.
There are more ways to get paid to do stuff online but the list is endless and my goal is only to help you all in the right direction. There are many new sites like these added everyday and a bit of research on your behalf will help you configure your workload and earnings to suit your lifestyle and time constraints. Please be aware of the many GPT scams that are out there and try to do a “whois lookup” on the sites before you think about spending too much time using them.

The amount you earn is mostly determined by how many sites you are a member of, how many referrals you have, how many jobs you complete and how long you remain a member. Good luck learning how to make money online with GPT sites and remember to always check every sites background since this is a risky way to make money online. If you still have any questions then feel free to ask them here as I will write some more in-depth articles about GPT later on.

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