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Write a comment your way to the top ranked

Leave comments on other people's blogs is a good way, but it does not help that all of the attention to your blog, but a good source of traffic because that blog readers will also pay attention to you. Now you do not have much comment among the writers who write one more comment on my blog, but as part of a community blog will bring you many benefits.

Be the first to write a comment

If you are pursuing traffic, please be the first to write a comment. Readers rarely read blog comments from number 10 onwards, so your chance to get traffic if your comment is very near the low end. I remember speaking with Ed Lau is the first to make written comment on Digg stories, but must be consistent with his post. Ed has sneaked for a link to an article in his comment on the front page of Digg stories and as a result traffic was better, if he only registered it will not help Digg he was the front page so. However, after everything was done, Digger has put him on the list of comment spammers, so please use this technical limitation only.

Following the big blog

Technoraticos list of top 100 blogs on the web. These blogs get a lot of traffic and they all comment systems. It is important not to spam too much on the blog. All you need is located within the first 10 people or as one of the first ten people to leave comments on the post. Best to follow the big blog topics related to your. Please write comments or suggestions for the reader to think and that is the hoitot to readers to your blog.

One other tips you can use is to send a trackback blog because some of their cups trackback from those comments. TechCrunch is one of the blogs do this. Ideally, the trackback of them are listed above the comment.

Find the blog comment list of the most

If you are active on a blog, you should be rewarded for that. Ultimately, you are helping them increase traffic and keep the blog active. List most comment writers is how I repay the blogger has helped me get a dynamic community. This WordPress plugin will help the writer lists the most comment in recent days (can adjust to any time you like). This link does not have any tag followed another comment that the writer should also have all the SEO benefits from the network again.

Becoming a writer the most comment on John Chow dot Com will provide additional benefits for you on your Technorati ranking. Those who leave comments on this list that their order after the jump fest post my ping Technorati.

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